Being Board of Director in health department of Worldview Mission

I am so glad to be a part of Worldview Mission in health department. (

Worldview Mission (WM) was founded in USA by Ms. Hélène H. Oord in 2007. In 2008 WM registered as 501 (C) (3) Nonprofit (NGO) IRS-Taxed Exempt Status Subsidiary of Sidewalk University, NJ, New Jersey.

Worldview Mission is member of United Nations CSO-NET (ECOSOC CIVIL Society Network NGO Branch, New York.
This Global Organization connected to the United Nations is affiliated with a multitude of organizations in the world that are concerned with ending poverty, complies with the Statement of United Nations Under-Secretary- General for Communications and Public Information (DPI) Mr. Kiyo Akasaka, by 2015. Worldview Mission complies with United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals to end poverty by 2015.

The Vision Statement
“To improve the quality of life for the people living in poverty helping them to become self-sufficient and to facilitate global effort in meeting United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.”
The Mission
Eradication of poverty in our communities especially in the third world nations.
Provide comprehensive programs of growth and development for individuals as well as communities.
Youth development and empowerment.
Create an environment and use activities that foster mutual respect, resilience, self-esteem, self-regulation, self-efficacy and leadership.
Promote awareness and acceptance of diversity

Thank You Ms. Helene.


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